Thursday, June 1, 2017

50CAN's Education Policy 101 Training Program

Laurie Kimbrel serves as the head of school for the Brookhaven Innovation Academy, a state-authorized and funded public charter school. There, her responsibilities include establishing the school’s instructional program and curriculum, as well as hiring staff and leading in staff development. Outside of her professional life, Laurie Kimbrel has volunteered with Students First, which has since merged with 50CAN.

50CAN strives to ensure that all children in the United States, regardless of location, have access to high-quality education. The organization offers multiple training courses to help achieve this goal, including an education policy course designed to help participants better understand and navigate policy-related issues.

50CAN’s Education Policy 101 course educates participants on the key policies that affect the education system for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. This research-based program comprehensively outlines policy at both the state and federal level, covering topics like finance, educational standards, teacher quality, and early childhood education. The program was created in partnership with the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. 

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