Friday, January 6, 2017

Large Dogs and Exercise

As the Head of School for the Brookhaven Innovation Academy charter school, Dr. Laurie Kimbrel’s responsibilities include hiring staff, establishing the school’s curriculum, and making sure the school complies with state requirements. Outside of her professional life, Laurie Kimbrel, EdD, contributes to rescue efforts on behalf of large dog breeds. 

Large dogs make great pets, but they often require more exercise than other breeds. Many large dog breeds, including collies, hounds, Labrador retrievers, and shepherds, were bred for active work like herding and hunting. Under these conditions, dogs got plenty of exercise through their regular daily activities. 

While your dog may not be herding any sheep, it still has the energy to do so. Factors such as age and health play a role in exactly how much exercise your dog needs, but many high-energy large breeds require up to two hours of daily exercise. 

Without enough exercise, your dog may not know how to handle their pent up energy. The dog might turn to destructive behavior as a means to relieve some of that energy. Aside from being bad for your furniture, lack of proper exercise can also be bad for your dog’s health, leading to obesity. 

If your dog does not have a yard to run around in for hours each day, you will have to compensate by going on long walks or trips to the dog park daily, helping to ensure your pooch remains healthy and your home stays in order.